Youth Rodeo


Way to go UYRA...... you made NATIONAL NEWS!

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November Results are posted

A HUGE "Thank You" to those who volunteer!!

ATTENTION: please note the rodeo dates listed on the entry
forms are INCORRECT. The CORRECT dates are listed here
on the website under RODEO DATES & DEADLINES.  Rodeos
will be on TUESDAYS as they always have.



Age Groups

5 and under        6-8 Year olds        9-11 year olds           12-14 year olds

Goat Ribbon Pull, Stick Horse Barrels, Dummy Roping and Mutton Bustin  for 5 years and under only 

Membership Fees

5 & Under   $30

6-8 Year Olds  $60

9-11 Year Olds $60

12-14 Year Olds $60

Sponsorship Fees

 5 & Under $75

6-8, 9-11 & 12-14  $100

 *Membership forms, release forms and schedules are all avaliable on the forms page.







The Utah Youth Rodeo Association is an organization comprized of boys and girls from around the state of Utah and surrounding areas ranging in age up to 14 years or ninth grade.
The purpose of this association is to provide western youth with athletic opportunities in the American sport of rodeo as they compete monthly in standard rodeo events. This youth organization has been successful for several years in helping to keep youth active and involved in a good cause.
The rules and bylaws have been patterned after the Utah High School Rodeo Association.  Because of the diversified age groups in the Utah Youth Organization, rules have been adjusted to best fit the needs and interests of youth in each age group.
This is a non-profit organization which relies heavily on parent and board member volunteers whenever possible.  The association uses contestant registration fees and a great deal of sponsorship help to provide year end awards and prizes to several youth and to make a fair and smooth running event for families to enjoy each month.